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LST 531 & Exercise Tiger practice for D Day (part 1)

Bow section of LST 531. | Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011. | Duration: 7m 59s

Credit: DrCharlesw

LST 531 & Exercise Tiger practice for D Day (part 2)

The stern section of the LST, all done on the same dive. Also included are the remains of the DUKW scattered acros the seabed. | Uploaded on Aug 25, 2011. | Duration: 7m 36s

Credit: DrCharlesw

World War 2 – Secret of the UK: Operation Tiger Revealed

Uploaded on Oct 24, 2009. | Duration: 3m 14s

Credit: shahzadkhan007

WAR STORIES: John Sarkes talks about Exercise Tiger and D-Day

Uploaded on Nov 9, 2007. | Duration: 7m 02s

Credit: stvideo

Operation Exercise Tiger – The War, a Nebraska Story

Uploaded on Sep 19, 2007. | Duration: 1m 26s

Credit: NETnebraska


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