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Known Survivors List

Below is a list of the known survivors of Exercise Tiger, given by LST and then service. We have made this list available as a basic article to assist those who are searching for relatives. In the future, we hope to be able to create a full database of survivors, similar to our Roll of Honour, giving more detailed information. If you have further details relating to a person listed here and are prepared to share this, please contact us.

Unfortunately, many survivors remained ‘unidentified’ due to the nature of the exercise and the fact that some people chose not to discuss their participation in this operation, even until they died.

A (W) after a person’s name means that they were wounded during the exercise.

Known Survivors

LST 507


1. Stanley Anderson (W)
2. Earnest C. Avellino
3. Kenneth Block
4. Robert W. Bowers
5. Robert J. Briggs
6. William C. Brumble
7. Phillip L. Barnett
8. Raymond W. Bartolomay
9. Harry Belch
10. Gustave M. Belomyzy
11. Robert F. Brookshire
12. Louis Bonaventura
13. Frederick O. Beattie
14. Donald T. Broderick
15. Raymond S. Brayton
16. Alexander Z. Brown
17. Angelo Crapanzano
18. Bernard P. Carey Jr.
19. Thomas F. Clark
20. Henry W. Collier
21. Conner D. Collins
22. Clarence E. Ellis
23. Eugene E. Eckstam
24. Donald I. Eidemiller
25. John B. Fedyszyn
26. Donald E. Furrey
27. James Gilbert
28. Lawrence L. Graham
29. Robert E. Greene
30. William F. Gould
31. James J. Guerrini
32. James E. Gunter
33. Arlo Gregory
34. Richard A. Greene
35. Francis L. Gill
36. Sidney B. Hutchins
37. Harry J. Herbst
38. Donald N Johnson
39. Earl B. Johnston
40. Fred J. Krause (W)
41. Francis L. Klauer
42. Steven I. Kowalski
43. Edwin L. Lobdell
44. Samuel I. Lamb
45. Leroy B. Lutz
46. Rabon D. Lewis
47. Anthony T. Marione
48. Carroll H. Millard

US Navy Cont.

49. Henry C. Mitchell Jr.
50. Allen Meyers
51. John T. McGarigal (W)
52. Morris S. McClain
53. Thomas J. Mallette
54. Richard H. Meredith
55. John P. Merers
56. James F. Murdock
57. Albert Nickerson
58. Terrence Q. Nuese
59. Charles R. Nevins
60. Nicholas Oliverio
61. James B. O’Connor
62. James A. O’Conor
63. Joseph A. Pendleton Jr. (W)
64. Edward G Panter
65. Jerome L. Reikes
66. Richard B. Randall
67. John P Ronley Jr.
68. William C Reckford
69. William W Redieske
70. Frank P Rohlman
71. William A Rutherford
72. Paul E St. Sing
73. Allan I Star
74. Emery G Smith (W)
75. Irwin J Schiff
76. John E Sharky Jr.
77. Steven D. Saldon
78. Ignatius J Sattea
79. Chester M Siniawski
80. Adlebert E Sickley
81. James E Sizemore
82. Eugene A Sanlagada
83. Salvator T Salerno
84. Robert G Sancomb
85. Owen I Shappard
86. Ralph L Tarr
87. Hubert O Veal
88. Arthur A Victor
89. John A Walters
90. Gardner J Wilder
91. Leonard A Wilkinson
92. William C Walker
93. Hal M Wallace
94. Odell M Wooten
95. Thomas W Donaldson
96. Robert F Kosbob

US Army

1st Engineering Special Brigade

557th Qm Rhd Co
1. Stanley W Gifford
2. Leslie Morse
3. Hazen D Turner (W)
4. Clyde B Watson (W)
5. Charles J Coutre (W)
6. Patsy A Pennino (W)
7. John J Graywinsky (W)
8. Salvatore La Sala (W)
9. Lee E Yehl (W)
10. John T Menzies
11. Stanley Stout
12. Clyde B Price (W)
13. Arthur W Depee (W)
14. Wilbur W Wright (W)
15. James W Panghorn (W)
16. Everette G Johnson (W)
17. William H Guinn Jr (W)

478th Amph Trk Co
1. Charles Kusman
2. Rollie E. Young (W)

33rd Chem Decon Co
1. Howard C Dozier (W)
2. Marvin A Koen
3. Robert A Kurz (W)
4. E Dale Rodman

1605th Eng Map Section
1. Paul H Mueller
2. Dayton R. Vallicott

LST 531


1. William B Hicks
2. Roy J Powers
3. Raymond A Gosselin (W)
4. Eugene T Hock (W)
5. Hartley W Wagner
6. John A Schullaski (W)
7. Arthur E Deckleman (W)
8. Wendell L Jones
9. Joe Jankovic
10. George E. Wyville (W)
11. Walter A Borkwski (W)
12. William W. Doney (W)
13. Walter J. Witiuk (W)
14. James J Brown (W)
15. Vincent P Rettino (W)
16. Donald R Post (W)
17. Joseph M Holland (W)
18. Izyclor F Kateusz
19. Lloyd R Mann
20. Leo J Hoge
21. Roy E Brooks
22. Walter A Burrell
23. Douglas G Harlander
24. G C Gallagher

US Army

1st Engineering Special Brigade

3206th Qm Serv Co
1. T D Smith
2. M M Miller
3. H C Barr
4. B J Carter
5. Earl Picht
6. Richard J Ferguson
7. W P Verheoche
8. B K Butt
9. Dale K. Fitzpatrick
10. Max Ander
11. R D Sidenstricker
12. Harlen Mitchell
13. Loyd Crun
14. Charles R Hough
15. Veldon Downing

531st Eng. Shore Regt.
1. Robert A. Howlin Jr.
2. K A Longaker
3. Harry K Beaver
4. John C Ratocevich
5. K K Florence
6. Michael J Strilke

US Army cont.

607th Qm Gr Reg
1. Olen T Friley
2. J V Jones
3. R K Metcalf

462nd Amph Trk Co
1. John A Perry (W)
2. Nelson L Clements (W)

Hq 1st Eng Spec Brig
1. E W Dortch

625th Ord Am Co
1. R Samuels

4144th Qm Serv Co
1. S B Misert

Non-Brigade Unit

35th Sig Const Bn
1. M Solon
2. Raymond T Stubbs
3. E G Wilson
4. L B Piztkowski

This list was compiled using the following sources:

  1. Army morning reports (28 April – May 4, 1944)
  2. Survivors list for LST 531
  3. List of wounded from Naval casualty list.
  4. List supplied by Dr E E Eckstam compiled from Naval staff files by Frederick O Beattie and updated with other information.
  5. Newspaper articles and correspondence with survivors.