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About Us

This website commemorates the American servicemen who died during Exercise Tiger on 28th April, 1944.

The Exercise Tiger Trust is dedicated to preserving the memory of the men who lost their lives during the early hours of 28th April, 1944, and ensuring that their sacrifices are never forgotten. By providing a comprehensive online resource, the Trust hopes to educate and inform future generations about this important but often overlooked event in history.

To learn more about Exercise Tiger, please feel free to explore the online resources

The website comprises several key elements:

  • The “Roll of Honour”

    The online “Roll of Honour“, now considered to be the definitive listing of all those who lost their lives during the the Exercise Tiger action, was created after months of painstaking research and cross-referencing of data by Wendy Lawrance, curator and trustee of the charity. This searchable and increasingly detailed listing is at the very core of the virtual museum. It is the Trust’s aim to collect, digitise and present as much personal information on each casualty as is possible.

  • The LT. J.G. John H. Hill Collection

    The Trust, is extremely grateful to Beverly Hughes, for the generous donation of letters and photographs in memory of Lieutenant Junior Grade John H. Hill. His service and sacrifice aboard LST-531 during the Exercise Tiger action of April 28th, 1944, will never be forgotten.

    These precious mementos are a valuable addition to our website, helping to preserve the memory of those brave men who gave their lives, and ensures that Lieutenant Hill’s legacy lives on for future generations to learn and remember.

    We are honoured to have these pieces in our care and treat them with the respect and reverence they deserve.

  • The Document Archive

    The document archive provides access to articles, transcribed official documents and reports, and associated resources such as news reports, connected with Exercise Tiger. The Trust’s intention is to provide an online resource of content that educates, informs and is a rich resource for independent and academic research. Additionally, funding permitting to purchase and digitise, privately held collections will be available free of charge, for relatives, students and enthusiasts to learn, understand and appreciate the action which took place and the sacrifices made on a more poignant and personal level.

  • Videos

    To enhance the virtual museum, the Trust will try and locate original footage, interviews with survivors or previous documentaries and make them available to visitors with the permissions of the copyright owners.

“…as I lie turf-clad and freed of passion, and of pain, I find my sacrifice of golden things not wasted; Your peace is bought with mine, and I am paid in full, and well, If but the echo of your laughter reaches me in hell.”
David Geraint Jones