q Orders from SHAEF - Exercise Tiger
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Orders from SHAEF


Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force G-3 Division


19 April 1944

Subject: Exercise Tiger



  1. Exercise TIGER will involve the concentration, marshalling and embarkation of troops in the TORBAY – PLYMOUTH area, and a short movement by sea under the control of the US Navy, disembarkation with Naval and Air support at SLAPTON SANDS, a beach assault using service ammunition, the securing of a beachhead and a rapid advance inland.
  2. Major troop units are the VII Corps Troops, 4th Infantry Division, the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions, 1st Engineer Special Brigade, Force ‘U’ and supporting Air Force units.
  3. During the period H-60 to H-45 minutes, fighter-bombers attack inland targets on call from the 101st AB Div and medium bombers attack three targets along the beach. Additional targets will be bombed by both fighter-bombers and medium bombers on call from ground units. Simulated missions will also be flown with the target areas marked by smoke pots.
  4. Naval vessels fire upon beach obstacles from H-50 to H-hour. Smoke may be used during the latter part of the naval bombardment both from Naval craft by 4.2″ chemical mortars and at H-hour by planes, if weather conditions are favourable. Naval fire ceases at H-hour.
  5. The schedule of the exercise is as follows:

22 April
Move to marshalling area commences.

D-Day 27 April
101st AB Div simulates landing. Preparatory bombardment by air and navy. Assault landing and advance of 4th Div.

28-29 April
Advance of 4th Div & 101st AB Div continues. 82nd AB Div simulates landing, secure and holds objective.

(Exercise Tiger terminates on 29 April)

6. Joining instructions will be issued later.


Colonel, G.S.C.,
Chief, Training, Sub-Section


This paper must not be taken out of this Headquarters except as laid down in Para. 27, SHAEF Inter-Division Standing Security Regulations dated 9 February 1944.