This translated German log relates to S136/138 from 5th Flotilla. Signed by the Commanding Officer of S136.
Abbreviations: OIC (Officer in Charge) E-boats = F.d.S. = Führer der Schnellboote
S147 etc = German designation of the E-boats

German E-boat Logs

Part 4

3rd Pair (S136/138)

27th April, 1944

Square 2636 bottom right side steered to point D with speed of 34, then 36 knots.

28th April, 1944

1Square 2393 right center two stack destroyer off port bow, also to northwest another destroyer with westerly course visible.

Proceed at 7 knots.

S138 Double shot (T Z 3) at rear right destroyer (Speed 10 knots, position 70, range 2000m).

[Translator’s note: T Z 3 appears to be a torpedo type]

S136 coordinated single shot (T Z 3) at front destroyer (speed 12, position 70) range ca. 2000m. Following pair stopped.

S136 attempts to send short code message about destroyers, is not heard.

Severe detonation with outbreak of fire. Strongly felt in our own boat. S138 observed a hit of the rear destroyer at the second stack (running time 100 seconds).

Simultaneous detonation of both torpedos from S136 about 40 seconds later. Second (front) destroyer fires poorly aimed flare to the northeast.

Left on southeasterly course at 34 and 30 knots respectively.

Renewed pass on northwesterly course at 24 knots.

Speed reduced to 7 knots. Hit destroyer is either stopped or traveling at very slow speed. Second destroyer passes or attempts to come alongside; S136 fires two coordinated single shots (Fat [torpedo type?]) position 80, speed 9, range ca. 1800m.

S138 fires two coordinated single shots (position 100, speed 5 knots).

Pair subsequently stopped.

Misses, since destroyer suddenly turns hard towards us.

Flares and surface fire.

Evade to southeast at 20 knots, since fire is poorly aimed and destroyer follows very slowly.

Destroyer out of sight.

Pair stopped. S138 sends following radio telegraph message for S136 who is not being received: “2 destroyers square 2393.” In accordance with conferral from boat to boat, we penetrated northwest again at 15 knots to watch the destroyer sink or, in case not sinking, to fire with 4cm shot and to capture any floating sailors.

Radio telegraph message received from OIC E-boats: “2 destroyers approaching from the east,” S138 sends radio telegraph message: “Destroyer sinking.”

Passed over site of torpedoing, nothing sighted.

Pair stopped.

Commenced return, since pair’s ammunition depleted and contact lost.

Radio telegraph message received from OIC E-boats: “Report position and situation.” Answer greatly delayed due to heavy traffic.

Again radio telegraph message from OIC E-boats: “Report on situation.”

S138 radio telegraph message sent: “Have commenced return.” Return via squares 2636, 3542.

Passed Cherbourg jetty.



Lieutenant Commander and Commanding Officer S136.



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