q German E-Boat Logs - Part 1 - Exercise Tiger
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German E-Boat Logs – Part 1

This translated German log relates to both the 5th and 9th E-boat flotillas and documents activity prior to the engagement of 28th April, 1944.

OIC (Officer in Charge) E-boats = F.d.S. = Führer der Schnellboote
S147 etc = German designation of the E-boats

German E-boat Logs

Part 1

Standby alert for search for S147 cancelled. 4 boats of the 5th E-boat flotilla on one-hour alert.

4/27/44 2200h
Chertbourg, Channel.
Wind NE force 3, wind sea 2, toward the morning light coastal mist. Sailed with S100/143, S140/142, S136/138 and the 9th E-boat flotilla for torpedo action against WP convoy in accordance with OIC E-boat General Command 2268 A of 4/27: “… 2nd, 5th and 9th E-boat flotillas on standby alert for action against possibly detected enemy targets.” and radio telegraph message 1919/26 from the OIC E-boats: “5th and 9th E-boat flotillas sail as soon as possible to attack WP-escort 10 naut. mi. west of Portland Bill. OIC E-boats.”

[Reported] on 254,354 Hz: Proceed in double file at speed of 36 knots north of the Channel Islands as far as square 3541 top center and on to square 2643 top right corner. Radio silence during advance, underwater telephone turned off. 2100h radio telegraph message 2146/33 from OIC E-boat: “Sweep 0030h 5th E-boat flotilla [of points] D, B, Z; 9th E-boat flotilla [of point] W.”

Square 2626 bottom right corner dismissal of E-boat pairs for sweep.

Short code message from OIC E-boats: “Radio fix target square BF 2398 top right corner.” and

4/28/44 0021h
“Target detected at 0005h.” I assume that the first message refers to the detection of one of the western pairs by the enemy, since at 2355h the searchlights in Lyme Bay started assuming the “E-boat warning position” repeatedly observed of late, in which certain ‘cross’ and ‘dome’ patterns are displayed in the area of the intended attack.